Vileda Microfibre Colour Cloth 4's VA0061

Vileda Microfibre Colour Cloth 4's VA0061

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Bring a polishing breath of fresh air into your daily cleaning chores with the highly-absorbent Vileda Microfibre Colors. These microfibre cloths are durable, very absorbent and cleans without streaking. They quickly get rid of dirt or grease stains you might encounter during your cleaning routine and require minimal effort. They can be used on different surfaces, be it laminate, windows or the tiles in your bathroom.



- Number of Pieces: 4's in single pack

- Material: 100% Microfibre

- Size: 30cm x 30cm

- Colour: Multi-color


  • Super Absorbent
  • Wet & Dry Cleaner
  • Machine washable at a maximum of 60 °C
  • Suitable for window cleaning, work-surface polishing or simple stain wiping


Handy Stain Wiping

Easily wipe away small or large stains of dirt with the cloths’ powerful absorbency.


Use with or without Chemicals

The ultra-effective microfibre cloths can withstand the use of chemicals or clean stains solely with water.


Remove Dried Up Stains

You can even remove stubborn dried up stains with the multi-purpose microfibre cloths. Just dampen them to wash away stains with a few simple wipes.


- Simply make sure that your cloth has been washed before using it on glass to prevent streaks and to avoid scratches on delicate surfaces due to particles sticking to the product.

- For better organization in the home, simply sort the all-purpose cloths in color according to application areas.

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